Stock on store and warehouse level

The balance between the costs of the capital tied up in the warehouse, logistic requirements and the requirement for high service levels is permanently monitored in Demandsoft’s solutions and is always adjusted when orders for warehouses or distribution centers are placed. In the case of store replenishment, on the other hand, the focus is also set to customer satisfaction and shopping experience, therefore, presentation stocks on the shelves, optimizing your own fleet, respecting logistic requirements, and high service levels targets with the best possible cost-effectiveness. But that is only one of the strengths of our replenishment solutions.

Inventories are – at every stage of the supply chain – decisive for your ability to deliver! In combination with strong demand forecasts, they are the focus of every procurement strategy and are important information in every logistics concept. Order quantities – or order ranges – are primarily determined by forecast and planned sales, but developments in inventory depletion decide when goods must be reordered – or goods must be pushed into the stationary trade.

Stock changes – important values for advanced analytics.

When it comes to inventory management and valuation, it must be understood whether the inventory is freely available to cover normal requirements or whether it contains reservations for customers or promotions. It must be ensured that residues are served – bottlenecks are recognized – and short shelf lives are monitored. There are additional requirements when it comes to assessing the inventory of dangerous goods or goods with increased storage requirements (such as frozen or pharmaceutical products).

Understanding inventory correctly is an important parameter when monitoring the flow of goods and managing inventory. If sales decrease even though the inventory shows correct quantities, the actual quantities in the store shelves or storage locations must automatically be checked to determine whether goods have been positioned incorrectly, are already spoiled or defective, or whether there is any loss. Or was it just forgotten to refill the shelves?

Automatically identify potential problems and recommend measures

Our analytically monitoring methods for inventory development often recognize much earlier when unexpected developments arise. To this end, Demandsoft integrates notification mechanisms that monitor the behavior of stocks and automatically provide test or solution proposals. Depending on the agreed process and solution.

“Demandsoft delivers solutions that don’t just replenish, but also monitor processes and developments in parallel in order to further optimize the availability, presentation, costs and quality throughout the entire demand chain.”